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PJ Library Chanukkah Bash

PJ Library Event Chanukkah    Photo Courtesy of the Fromewick Family

PJ Library Event Chanukkah     Photo Courtesy of the Goren Family

The Children’s Library – the Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library

The Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library was created in 2008 through the generosity of Bonnie and Steven Kanowitz in memory of their granddaughter Amanda Rose. The Children’s Library has books about Bible, Biography, Fiction, Folk Tales, History, Holidays, Holocaust, Israel, Jewish Living, Prayer, Reference and Torah. When you visit the Library, you can find a loose-leaf binder with an inventory of all books classified by author, title or category. If you would like to borrow a book, please use the loose-leaf binder with the sign-out sheet to indicate which book you borrowed and then please note the date when you return it.

Donations can be made to the Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library Fund to help us continue to enhance the reading enjoyment of children.

For more information about the Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library at TempleAvodah, you may contact Arlene Fromewick or Norma Harwood.

The PJ Library at Temple Avodah

To receive free Jewish stories and songs each month, sign up at www.pjlibrary.org/newyork


The PJ Library program comes to Temple Avodah thanks to the generosity of

Bonnie and Steven Kanowitz and the

Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library Fund.

Families with children ages 6 months thru 8 years of age,

living in Oceanside or surrounding communities are able

to participate and receive one book or CD per family each

month absolutely free. Subscriptions are limited.

We invite you to sign up today.

In 2012 Temple Avodah launched PJ Library through the generous support of the Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library Fund. PJ is a Jewish family engagement program found throughout North America. The mission of PJ is to strengthen Jewish identity by bringing free high-quality Jewish books and music each month to families raising Jewish children. Reading these books at bedtime (PJ = pajamas!) is a wonderful way to create meaningful Jewish moments between parents and children.

NOTE TO GRANDPARENTS: Sign your grandchildren up to receive free books ONLY if the children live in Oceanside or its surrounding communities. You may ONLY use the child(ren)’s mailing address so that they can receive the subscription at their home. If your grandchildren live outside Oceanside or its surrounding communities, they can be signed up for PJ Library in a community serving the area of their residence. You can find that community by clicking on the map which you will find at www.pjlibrary.org/Communities.aspx

To enroll, click here.
Happy reading!

Co-chair people of PJ Library at Temple Avodah
Arlene Fromewick: arfrome@aol.com or 516.220.2955
Norma Harwood: normaj715@gmail.com or 516.330.4743

A Chanukah PJ Library Event at Temple Avodah

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Rabbi Goren at the PJ Library Chanukkah event for the children of Temple Avodah. Photo by Mark Milch.

Adult Library – the Alan M. Katz Memorial Library

Located on the second floor of the education wing, the Library is open at all times except when meetings or classes are held. The Temple office can tell you when that is. There is also a shelf of books in the Temple office from which you can borrow a book. If you want a book on a particular subject it would be well to call the volunteer librarian, Bob Epstein at 536-7911.The Alan M. Katz Memorial Library has 2500 books, mostly non-fiction, categorized under the following headings:
– American Jewish History (subsection: anti-Semitism)
– Art and Music
– Bible
– Biblical Archeology
– Biography and Memoirs
– Comparative Religion
– Ethics, Laws and Response (sub-section: Maimonides)
– Hasidism, Mysticism and Kabala (subsection: Martin Buber)
– Holidays
– Holocaust
– Humor and Folklore
– Israel-Jewish History
– Judaism (sub-section A.J.Heschel)
– Lifecycle
– Reference
– Reform Judaism
– Significant Jewish Authors (mostly fiction)
– Talmud
– World Jewry
– YiddishWe gratefully accept contributions which may be made to the Alan M. Katz Memorial Library Fund.
We are proud that our Library contains books by, what we call, Significant Jewish Authors. A partial list is at the bottom of this page. The complete list is in a red binder on the window ledge. The Library lends books using the honor system. There is another clearly marked red sign-out binder on the window ledge. It is important that you use it.Authors in the Significant Jewish Author section:
S.Y. Agnon
Sholem Asch
Saul Bellow
Chaim Nachman Bialik
Abraham Cahan
Sigmund Freud
Joseph Heller
Franz Kafka
Primo Levi
Bernard Malamud
Arthur Miller
Amos Oz
Y.L. Peretz
Chaim Potok
Philip Roth
Henry Roth
J.D. Salinger
Sholom Aleichem
I.B. Singer
I.J. Singer
Leon Uris
Elie Wiesel
Herman Wouk