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Kesher Kef – Hebrew High School

Temple Avodah has a fun, social and enjoyable Hebrew High School. Named by our students, it is called Kesher Kef – the fun connection! The program features dinner and great conversation. It is socially active and actively social, with sprinkles of Judaism.

For Grades 7-12. Meets Tuesdays, 6:30- 8:00pm only at Temple Avodah.

For further information, Call or e-mail us!

Kesher Kef returns in September!
Please make sure that you are registered for this year!
We have many fun programs planned including bowling, art, ping pong, meditation, scavenger hunts, drama and a great time with Rabbi Goren.

Kesher Kef Trip 2017

The Temple Avodah Education Fund, founded by Arlene and Rick Fromewick, sponsored a Jewish day in New York City for the 8th graders in the Kesher Kef Hebrew High School. The Fromewicks, Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko, Educational Director Marilyn Greenspan and the students began the day with a tour of Temple Emanu-El, the largest Reform synagogue in the world. They shared a truly magical moment when the students and Jessica sang from the Temple Bimah.

They then had a delicious lunch at Ben’s Delicatessen in Midtown. After lunch, joined by teacher Jesse Perlmutter, they all saw the wonderful Broadway show, “Come From Away”, which has been called “a heartwarming story of generosity and humanity”. It is reminiscent of Abraham’s welcoming the stranger which is one of Judaism’s most time honored and practiced virtues, the virtue of offering hospitality. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day seeing New York through Jewish eyes.

Contributions to the Education Fund are always welcome to benefit activities for the students in our Religious School.

In Pirkei Avot we are taught to “Find yourself a teacher and make yourself a friend.” At first glance this may seem a daunting task in our over-programmed world. Here in Oceanside, we have a way to accomplish that goal for our teens.

Weekly classes on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Here’s only a sample of our programming:

Dinner out
Relaxation sessions
Good movies
Computer collage of family history
Make Pizza night
Jewish Comedy Night/Dance

Learn words to cool songs
Ideas for College Application
Choose section of Talmud/Pirkei Avot/Ethical life
Helping at a soup kitchen early evening
Basic Hebrew sentences

… and so much more!

Contatct Temple Avodah for information on how your Teen (grades 7-12) can be a part of Kesher Kef!

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