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Men’s Club

The Men’s Club brings the men of our temple together to help bolster a feeling of camaraderie, togetherness and belonging, to both our Temple Avodah community and the Oceanside Jewish Community as a whole.

As a team we work on projects that improve Temple. For instance, our Men’s Club members completely renovated the two bathrooms in the Rudich Building. Every year, we erect and disassemble the Temple’s sukkah, whose previous design was conceived and built by our Men’s Club and donated in the memory of Dr. James Bider. Our Khanukíah that we proudly display each year during Chanukah at our Temple, is also a result of our Men’s Club members organizing and combining their collective skills.

Additionally, we are a social club that occasionally meets for dinner so that those who can’t otherwise see each other, get a chance to meet and share their ideas and stories. As an integral part of the Temple, our members contribute in many invaluable ways.
Men’s Club Monthly Meetings are promptly at 7:30pm the 2nd Wednesday of every month, location posted on glass entry doors.

Our first annual Bob Harwood Memorial Golf Classic at Seawane


What a wonderful day for building the Sukkah. And what a wonderful group of guys (not all in the picture). Seth Barnett, Raffi Ben-Amou, Elliot Cohen, Bob Epstein, Kevin Fogel, Josh Heydemann, Barry Howard, Joel Kass, Ira Katz, Rob Kielson, David Kirsh, Henry Kruman, Aaron Lande, David Lande, Larry Lieberman, Mark Milch, Paul Oresky, Robbie Pickus, Herb Pitkowsky, Rick Salbo, Stephen Sieber, Ben Velella, Justin Velella, Tom Wieder.


The Temple Avodah Men’s Club, family and friends had a really fun evening watching the Long Island Ducks play. The stadium, the crowd, the sounds and the smells made the trip worthwhile. The price and easy drive were an added bonus. This was a great event and we hope to do more like this in the future.

Men’s Club attends the LI Ducks baseball game

Upcoming Events

Check the Temple Calendar for other upcoming Men’s Club events!

Men’s Club Programs and Events

Men’s Club sponsors programs throughout the year. We also welcome your suggestions for new programs. Contact us with your ideas!

Annual Men’s Club Paid-Up Membership Dinner

Every year to celebrate the Men’s Club, Temple Avodah and all its new members, the Men’s Club hosts a paid-up membership dinner. Information can be found on the Temple calendar.