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Religious School

Dear Religious School Families,
Registration for 2019-2020 is now being accepted. Please see your mail and every form you need is also available right here on our website. You can always phone the temple office with your questions. We look forward to an exciting year ahead!
Phyllis Pellman
Director of Education

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At our Temple Avodah Religious School, we strive to bring Judaism to our students in a warm, inclusive, safe, and welcoming Jewish environment. We hope to provide the foundations that will enable them to integrate meaningful Reform Judaism into their lives. Our goal is to develop and inspire a community of educated and Menschlich Jewish youth. Hands on learning and family involvement will play a significant role in the educational process.Through the study of Hebrew, traditions, history, holidays, customs, and Torah, our children will feel that they are a part of Klal Yisrael, the world Jewish community. The skills they learn in class will enable them to participate in services wherever they travel. The lessons in tikkun olam (world repair), gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness/social justice) and state of the art educational programming help make our students responsible and compassionate human beings.Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of communal Jewish life. Holiday celebrations through ritual, prayer, music and crafts are an integral part of life in the Religious School. Students participate actively in the Temple’s Mitzvah Day and send greeting cards to U.S. servicemen and women serving abroad several times a year.

The Temple Avodah Religious School is home to over one hundred students in grades one through twelve. Middle and High schoolers attend our 7-12 Grade program called Kesher Kef that is housed at Temple Avodah. Classes usually have no more than fifteen to eighteen students, so that teachers can develop close working relationships with their students. Classes meet once weekly in all grades for two hours. Students are encouraged to attend services on Friday nights as well. We provide support for students in grades three through six with special needs.

Our faculty is a diverse community of caring adults who make Judaism come alive for their students. They, along with the Director, work as part of the team that includes the PTO, the Rabbi, the Cantorial Soloist, and a group of teen tutors to support our students on the road to Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, and Jewish adulthood.

For 8th – 12th graders, Temple Avodah has its own Hebrew High School perfectly named by the students: Kesher Kef, which means the Fun Connection. Our Kesher Kef program allows teens to continue together and enjoy their time at Temple Avodah.

This program is an oasis of time and space where our children will decompress, connect with their friends and get to know the Rabbi, Cantorial Soloist and Educational Director, while they reflect on their busy and sometimes stressful lives within a Jewish context. The program focuses on celebrating Jewish Culture and the core principles that have made Judaism withstand the test of time. All of this happens with food, friends and various mediums of self expression and activities that will be at the center of each and every session.

Our goal is to help our children strengthen their Jewish identities in a fun, stress-free and meaningful way. To that end, we plan to have lots of activities scheduled!

Religious School Days and Times:
Grades K-4 meet Mondays, 4:30-6:30pm.
Grades 5-6 meet Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30pm.
Grade 7 meets Tuesdays, 6:15-8:15pm.
Grades 8-12 – Kesher Kef, our Hebrew High School – meets Tuesdays, 7:00-8:15pm.Religious school begins at the scheduled start time. The doors will be open and children will be permitted into the building beginning at 4:15. For the safety of our children, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they are not dropped off before 4:15pm.Snacks are sold in the lobby from 4:15pm-4:25pm. All snacks are 75 cents. Our teen tutors help supervise and there is an opportunity to contribute any change to Tzedakah.Every Temple member is encouraged to join PTO to support our children and programs for our children. It is only $20 per year for a family to join and show its support. A note about Hebrew. The children work hard to acquire Hebrew skills while at Religious School. The only way to maintain and build on these skills is to practice. Please be sure to have your children complete all assigned homework (it will be limited to 5-15 minutes per week) in order to help them grow and refine their skills.Please make sure you complete and return all forms before the first day of school. These forms are located here on our website and may be downloaded for your convenience.Please note: WE ARE A NUT AWARE SCHOOL. Please do NOT send in snacks that are made with peanuts or tree nuts or are made in a facility which processes peanuts or tree nuts. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.We look forward to another wonderful year at your Religious School. Please be in touch with any questions or concerns- or just to say hello. L’Shalom, Phyllis Pellman, Director of Education (516) 766-6809 ex. 200

Support Organizations for the Religious School


This committee oversees the workings of the Religious School and sets its policy. The committee meets monthly to review issues relevant to the Religious School and the preparation of Bnai Mitzvah. The Rabbi, the Cantorial Soloist, and the Educational Director work closely with the committee. The committee always welcomes new members and new ideas. Please contact the Committee Co-Chairs for more information, or leave a message in the Temple Office.


PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is an arm of Temple dedicated to providing activities for the children of the Religious School. It subsidizes many of the programs and expenses which help our Religious School to run smoothly. Membership is open to all members of Temple. The PTO has a very active board. PTO recruits and coordinates the activities of class parents for the Religious School as well.

Dues are only $20/year per family. Download the form here.

The PTO provides assistance for holiday related activities for students including, but not limited to: supplying apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah, snacks in the Sukkah, latkes for Chanukah, hamentashen for Purim and assisting at model seders. PTO also holds Shabbat dinners for each grade level. Visit the PTO page for complete details.

Did you know you can sponsor a PTO event? Click here for details.