Temple Avodah, Oceanside NY

However you define your family,
we welcome you to ours

Shabbat Services

Check our Temple Calendar for our Service schedule!

Join us the first Friday of the month for a
pre-Service nosh at 6:30pm – food,
friends, fun, music! Services follow at
7pm, And then an Oneg follows

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Our GREASE! Shabbat was a wonderful night. We welcomed Shabbat together in beautiful nostalagic song. Our Junior and Teen Choirs, and vocalist Kasey Ziff, with our Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko, and Rabbi Uri Goren, and accompanied by our Temple Band, Schleppenwolf, remind us how Hopelessly Devoted we are, and how We Go Together. Enjoy the video of an amazing Service, that you only find at Temple Avodah, Oceanside, NY.

Broadway Shabbat – the music of Cameron Mackintosh
With Rabbi Uri Goren, Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko, Helena Shayer and Kasey Ziff
The prayers of our erev Shabbat service set to the powerful music of Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and Miss Saigon
Shalom Aleichem – Castle on a Cloud
Lecha Dodi – At the End of the Day
Mi Chamocha – Music of the Night
Hashkiveinu – Dreamed a Dream
V’shamru – Think of Me
R’tzei – Wishing You Were Somehow
Shalom Rav – I Still Believe
Oseh Shalom – On My Own
Adon Olam – Master of the House

Our Billy Joel Shabbat was enjoyed by 300 people.
Enjoy it again now by watching the video highlights!

Our Billy Joel Shabbat and Welcome Dinner was attended by 300 people. The result of many hours of our talented and dedicated clergy and musician, and dozens of Temple Volunteers, the evening was fun, spiritual, musical and memorable.

Temple President Scot Mackoff spoke and shared:

Keeping The Faith at Temple Avodah Sabbath services are a very important part of My Life. I hope everyone is enjoying this Special Billy Joel Sabbath and is in a Temple Avodah State of Mind. I’m glad you have not been Moving Out and have not retired to Miami because there is so much going on at Temple as we really kick off the 2016 / 2017 year.

By going to Avodah.org you can find out about many of the committees that are the key to the running of Temple Avodah and the many events that are either taking place at Temple, so don’t be a Stranger, get involved.

And if you don’t find something you are interested in, that does not mean it is not happening or cannot happen here at Temple Avodah. Don’t feel any Pressure but This Is The Time to Remember that if you have an idea, then you can have an opportunity to State the Fire and bring that idea to life. You don’t have to be a Big Shot we are always looking for people to get involved, if you have an idea to raise some Easy Money or you believe it would be fun for members or would improve our Temple, then its A Matter of Trust that you Don’t Have To Go To Extremes and we want to hear from you.

Please remember to give to the tzedakah box for those in need.

I can’t tell you more, because I’ve told you already, so Shabbat Shalom.

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Our musically themed Erev Shabbat Billy Joel Service was an amazing night with 300 people in attendance. This was our Welcome Service and Dinner to start our Membership year. Special thanks to the dozens of volunteers who made this night a success.

If you missed our very special BROADWAY SHABBAT — or to relive the memories again — you can view it here!

Our Broadway Shabbat:

The prayers of our service sung to the music of Broadway.

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Photos from Broadway Shabbat featuring Jessica Gubenko, Kasey Ziff and Helena Shayer and Rabbi Goren

Rock My Soul Shabbat Services – Only At Temple Avodah

One of our most popular Erev Shabbat services is what we lovingly call The Rock My Soul Shabbat — our Rock Shabbat Service. Some call it Jazz Shabbat. Rabbi Goren recently called it a Music Shabbat, and expressed it best: no matter what we call it, its the bringing of music to celebrate in our souls the prayers and joy as we (as friends, family and the Temple Avodah family) welcome Shabbat together.

This very moving service features the voices of our Junior Choir, as well as musical instruments and singing (and sometimes dancing) by the Temple congregation. Dancing in the aisles is encouraged. You will leave feeling inspired. Its only at Temple Avodah.

Our Junior and Teen Choirs
add to the spirit and song of
our Rock Shabbat Services.

Our Junior and Teen Choir perform at our famous Rock Shabbat Service.
Be sure to watch a beautiful multi-part Haskieveinu led by our teen choir.

Rock Shabbat
Be sure to check the Calendar on this website for dates and times of the next Rock Shabbat service, which will also be posted here on the Shabbat page when the next one is announced!

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Our Annual End Of Year/ Start of Summer BBQ and Rock Shabbat has it all- together with Rabbi Goren, we welcome Shabbat and the upcoming Summer together as a Temple Family with the voices of our Junior and Teen Choirs, led by our Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko, and accompanied by our Temple Band, Schleppenwolf.
Our spirits and souls enjoy the Rock Shabbat and then together we enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner.

The Junior and Teen Choirs and our Rock Shabbat Service.

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The BBQ dinner was enjoyed by all.

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Erev Shabbat & Shabbat Services at Temple Avodah

Temple Avodah offers varied services to welcome Shabbat. Our Erev Shabbat services are held on Friday evenings and times vary based on the week, beginning at 8:00pm, 7:30 pm, 7:00pm or 6:30 pm, depending on the Service type. Families and children are welcomed at every service, but some services begin at an earlier time to encourage family attendance.

Our services often have a theme to make Erev Shabbat even more special. Some past services have included themes such as: Rock Shabbat, Cookie Shabbat, Ice Cream Oneg Shabbat, Chocolate Shabbat, Jerusalem Shabbat, Chametz Shabbat, Pizza Shabbat, Exodus Shabbat, Pajama Shabbat, BBQ Shabbat, and a Chicken Dinner Shabbat. We’ve also had special honor and celebratory Erev Shabbats for our Sisterhood, Adult B’nai Mitzvah, Confirmants and Religious School Graduates.

And, we are always seeking new innovative ideas for special Erev Shabbat service types. If you have an idea, we welcome you to send us your suggestion. You are also welcome to come help us plan that special service. We always welcome the input of our congregants and community members to enhance the Shabbat experience.

Often our services are combined with a special dinner meal to enhance and welcome Shabbat together as a family with congregants, Cantor and Rabbi sharing the Sabbath meal. Your home at Temple Avodah is an extension of your own family’s home. As a family, sharing the Shabbat service and meal bring us closer together and brings in Shabbat in a warm and inviting way.

Shabbat services held on Saturday mornings vary and are often to honor a Bar or Bat Mitzvah student on their special day, or for another special occasion.

Details about Erev Shabbat services, or Shabbat services, including service start time, can always be found on the calendar page of our website.

A Shabbat that “Let It Be”

Sermon from the Beatles Shabbat

Pre-Service Nosh the first Friday of each month

The first Friday Service of every month
Unwind from your work week
Starting at 6:30
“Welcome to Temple” nosh, maybe a little wine, some conversation, enjoy friends, family, make new friends, relax, unwind, get ready for a new Shabbat service.
Try it, you’ll like it!

Erev Shabbat Ruach Service

Our Ruach Service, as the Hebrew word implies, it is a more “spiritual, flexible, informal” way to welcome Shabbat. The service is not in the sanctuary, but we sit in a semi-circle, we sing, we pray, we try to find a new way to relate to God. Come dressed in jeans or with a tie… it does not matter.

Be at Temple Avodah and elevate your ruach, your spirit.

Ruach Service at Temple Avodah

Ruach Service at Temple Avodah

Be at Temple Avodah and elevate your reach, your spirit.

Erev Shabbat Casual Services

Our Casual Service, is a one hour service. We welcome Shabbat with our regular prayers. There is a feeling of friendship and community that only an informal setting can really create.

Our regular Friday night Service is led by our spirited, gregarious Rabbi, Uri Goren and our vivacious Cantorial Soloist, Jessica Gubenko. We welcome Shabbat with our regular prayers and songs, but sometimes we are treated to an unexpected twist on an old theme! Our Oneg follows where we see old friends and make new ones.

Come and experience how easy to is to find the sanctity of Shabbat.

How you dress the body is not important…how we dress the soul matters.

Parallel Service

A Parallel Service is held when there is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah on a Friday night. The service is lead by congregants, allowing the congregation to continue with our regular Kabbalat Shabbat, our welcoming of Shabbat Service, while simultaneously the Bar/Bat Mitzvah family is given complete and full attention. Of course, congregants are always welcomed at all our services and can choose between attending the Parallel Service or the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service.

Anniversary, Birthday and Adult Choir Service

Our Anniversary, Birthday and Adult Choir Service is held once a month. Our adult choir leads our prayers with their beautiful voices. Led by our Cantor, they enhance our Service and help us elevate our soul. At this Service, we also offer a blessing to couples that are celebrating their anniversaries and to persons celebrating their birthday in that particular month. Celebrating persons are called to the Bima for the blessing. It is a very musical service, where more “classic” liturgical music is sung.

Rabbi Goren blesses Temple Avodah congregants who celebrate an Anniversary. Photo by Mark Milch.

Rabbi Goren blesses our Congregants who celebrate their birthday. Photo by Mark Milch.

Themed Shabbat Services

Many of Temple Avodah’s services end with a special oneg shabbat that follows a special theme. Ice Cream, chicken dinner, even baseball themes appear in the schedule, combining a casual service with a creative oneg. Peanuts, cracker-jacks, warm soft pretzels, all sorts of ice cream pops and cones and a cake decorated in a baseball would be part of the plan.

Check the calendar or the Special Events listing for more details on upcoming themed services. See photos below for past events.

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Our Superbowl Shabbat filled Temple Avodah with Team Spirit,
and featured our Junior and Teen Choir singing.

Services were followed by an hot-dog and burger tailgate dinner in our Social Hall.
Photos by Mark Milch.

Our annual Chametz/ Pasta Pre-Passover Shabbat
always brings something new. Our Junior and Teen Choir sang a medley of songs including from Les Mis and Forget You. After the Service there was your fill of pasta, garlic bread, and fun.

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Temple Avodah’s Junior and Teen
Choirs do Passover medleys using the
music of Les Mis, Coming Home
and Forget You.

You just have to experience one of our, “themed” Shabbats and you will return time and time again. Cowboys in a Temple? Yup, we’ve done that. Want to virtually visit the Western Wall? We’ve done that as well. These Services are of course, casual and are followed with a creative Oneg. Meditteranean food, ice cream, peanuts and crackerjacks–for our baseball Shabbat of course! Check the calendar for more details on upcoming themed Services.

on left, Temple Avodah’s Baseball Shabbat

The themed BBQ Shabbat at Temple Avodah is a fun, family Service. Our Men’s Club always helps us with great food and spirit.

Photos by Mark Milch.

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Our Rock Shabbat Service just gets better and better!

Temple Avodah Motown Shabbat – to listen is to love

Shabbat Service Celebrating Rabbi Goren’s 18 Years at Temple Avodah

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