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Social Action

Social Action: The foundation of Judaism consists of three principles:
Torah (study)
Avodah (prayer)
G’milut chasadim (righteousness)
These three pillars are intertwined. Social justice and social action grow out of and lead into study and prayer.

Social action may take a variety of forms:

Serving the less fortunate in our community;

Contributing resources to a world-wide, national or local relief effort;

Advocating for causes which reflect our Jewish tradition, by contacting local or national legislative leaders;

Educating our congregation about current issues and events that call for us to respond based on our tenets of Judaism.

Temple Avodah’s involvement in social action includes:

Holding an annual Mitzvah Day, when our congregants participate in many activities aimed at helping people in our community;

Sending a group of congregants who volunteer their time to work at a local hospital on Christmas Day;

Providing congregants to assist at a local soup kitchen on a weekly basis;

Sponsoring community blood drives;

Collecting food at Passover and Yom Kippur for distribution to local food banks;

Donating money that is collected in our sanctuary Tzedaka box to local families in need and to human resource organizations that serve the community;

Participating in the Oceanside Interfaith Council, an organization that promotes communication and joint community projects, such as preparing and serving Thanksgiving lunch to over 400 people in our area who are less fortunate and in need of company;

In addition an Interfaith service with the participation of the choirs from the participating congregations is held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

The Interfaith Council with the cooperation of the Oceanside Schools has organized the community 9/11 commemoration on the schoolhouse Green for the last fourteen years.

Informing congregants about current public policy issues which are concerns of the Reform Jewish community.

We encourage participation from the entire congregation in all of our activities. We welcome suggestions and ideas that would enhance our Temple’s mission to fulfill the mitzvot of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and k’hilat tzedek (creating a community of justice).

LGBT March in Long Beach. June, 2017
Temple Avodah had a dozen and a half people marching, the largest gathering of any religious group there! People loved our new banner. On-lookers shouted encouragement to us, including “Shalom” “I love Jews” and “I was Bar Mitvah’ed at Temple Avodah.”
The weather was sunny, the crowd enthusiastic, and Long Beach was welcoming with rainbow flags abundantly displayed. This was our 5th year marching in this parade, and the largest turnout we’ve had. It surely was another wonderful Temple Avodah event, co-sponsored by Membership and Social Action committees.

September, 2016 Bob Epstein reporting with Dan Henick for Social Action: In advance of two historic summits on refugees,
the NYC Jewish community gathered together to send a powerful message to President Obama and Ambassador Samantha Power in support of welcoming refugees. With over 50 synagogues and communal organizations co-sponsoring, the #JewsforRefugees Assembly underscores the broad national Jewish response to
the refugee crisis, which is mobilizing tens of thousands of Jews from coast to coast. Thank you to all those who came out to show your support!
#RefugeesWelcome #UN4RefugeesMigrants

(Photo credit: Gili Getz)

Jews for Refugees

Temple Avodah participated in the LI Pride March.

Temple Avodah members participate in the Long Island LGBT Pride Parade in Huntington, NY. This year was the 26th Annual Long Island Gay Pride Fest Celebration and was attended by over 15,000 people. Temple Avodah actively participates. For 2017, the parade is planned to be held in Long Beach and Temple Avodah looks forward to being a part of it. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the Temple Office.

Social Action activities take place all year long at Temple Avodah.
But every year one day is dedicated as our Annual Mitzvah Day
where activities occur simultaneously — at nursing homes, hospitals, the library,
pet organizations and at Temple Avodah itself — and we give back to our community
in a variety of ways. Pictured at right is the organization of our food collection.
Read all about Mitzvah Day and see photos of past events by clicking here.

Food of the Month Collection

Every month Temple Avodah selects an item or items for collection that are donated to the needy.
The item for the current month is on the flyer below. Items can be dropped off in the shopping cart in the Temple Lobby.
Also, we always welcome the recycling and the donation of paper shopping bags as we use those to deliver items.