Temple Avodah, Oceanside NY

However you define your family,
we welcome you to ours

Special Shabbats

Our GREASE! Shabbat was a wonderful night. We welcomed Shabbat together in beautiful nostalagic song. Our Junior and Teen Choirs, and vocalist Kasey Ziff, with our Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko, and Rabbi Uri Goren, and accompanied by our Temple Band, Schleppenwolf, remind us how Hopelessly Devoted we are, and how We Go Together. Enjoy the video of an amazing Service, that you only find at Temple Avodah, Oceanside, NY.

Broadway Shabbat – the music of Cameron Mackintosh
With Rabbi Uri Goren, Cantorial Soloist Jessica Gubenko, Helena Shayer and Kasey Ziff
The prayers of our erev Shabbat service set to the powerful music of Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and Miss Saigon
Shalom Aleichem – Castle on a Cloud
Lecha Dodi – At the End of the Day
Mi Chamocha – Music of the Night
Hashkiveinu – Dreamed a Dream
V’shamru – Think of Me
R’tzei – Wishing You Were Somehow
Shalom Rav – I Still Believe
Oseh Shalom – On My Own
Adon Olam – Master of the House

Our Billy Joel Shabbat was enjoyed by 300 people.
Enjoy it again now by watching the video highlights!


Our Broadway Shabbat:

The prayers of our service sung to the music of Broadway.

Our Junior and Teen Choirs
add to the spirit and song of
our Rock Shabbat Services.

Our Junior and Teen Choir perform at our famous Rock Shabbat Service.
Be sure to watch a beautiful multi-part Haskieveinu led by our teen choir.

Rock Shabbat
Be sure to check the Calendar on this website for dates and times of the next Rock Shabbat service, which will also be posted here on the Shabbat page when the next one is announced!

A Shabbat that “Let It Be”

Sermon from the Beatles Shabbat

Temple Avodah’s Junior and Teen
Choirs do Passover medleys using the
music of Les Mis, Coming Home
and Forget You.

You just have to experience one of our, “themed” Shabbats and you will return time and time again. Cowboys in a Temple? Yup, we’ve done that. Want to virtually visit the Western Wall? We’ve done that as well. These Services are of course, casual and are followed with a creative Oneg. Meditteranean food, ice cream, peanuts and crackerjacks–for our baseball Shabbat of course! Check the calendar for more details on upcoming themed Services.

on left, Temple Avodah’s Baseball Shabbat

Our Rock Shabbat Service just gets better and better!

Temple Avodah Motown Shabbat – to listen is to love

Shabbat Service Celebrating Rabbi Goren’s 18 Years at Temple Avodah