Temple Avodah, Oceanside NY

However you define your family,
we welcome you to ours

Temple Leadership

Volunteers make it happen.  Whether it is a moment of time, or endless hours, every Temple volunteer is important to the ongoing efforts that make Temple Avodah a very special place.

Temple Avodah is governed by an elected Board of Trustees and officers under a written Constitution and its By Laws.

Our Board of Trustees is composed of one, two and three-year Trustees, past Presidents, and the Presidents of the “arms” of Temple: Sisterhood, Men’s Club and PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization). A monthly Board Meeting is chaired by the Board President. All Temple members are welcome to attend these meetings. The agenda for each meeting is mailed to all Congregants prior to each board meeting.

Our Temple Officers are members of the Temple’s Executive Committee, which meets the week before the Board meeting. The Executive Committee consists of the President, the immediate Past President, three Vice Presidents, the Treasurer and Financial Secretaries, and a Secretary.

What we do The work of maintaining the Temple is carried out by these Trustees and Officers and by many other dedicated volunteers who serve on numerous Committees. These volunteers are engaged in everything from hiring our clerical and non-clerical staff, to overseeing our religious school, to publishing our newsletter, Temple Topics.

The role of our lay leadership is a critical component of making Temple Avodah our Jewish home.

It’s possible for any congregant to become a leader. A Nominating Committee, chaired by Temple’s immediate Past President, selects candidates for all Trustee and Officer positions based upon applications submitted. The congregation itself votes on these candidates at its Annual Meeting. There is no prerequisite for consideration by the Nominating Committee; all it requires is an application and a willingness to work for the betterment of the Temple.

If you are looking for way to more involved, consider Temple Avodah Leadership. We’re happy to talk about various roles so you can make an informed decision. Please contact the office and leave a message for our Temple President.

Executive Board 2019-2020

PRESIDENT: Gil Balanoff

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: Stacy Mandel Kaplan

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Marian Keilson


TREASURER: Corey Aronin,

FINANCIAL SECRETARIES:  Eric Abbey and Jordan Kaplan

SECRETARY: Norma Harwood


To contact any Executive Board Member, please contact the Temple Office.

Trustees 2019-2020

Cindy Baumann

Robyn Drangel

Paul Engel

Lisa Goldberg

Mindy Goldsmith

Stew Gubenko

Stuart Kahan

Ellyn Katz

Larry Lieberman

Sheila London

Michele Pitkowsky

Rochelle Sanchez

Voting Past Presidents 2019-2020

Phyllis Carbone

Rick Fromewick

Dan Henick

Rob Keilson

Joyce Lipton

Scot Mackoff

Philip Perlmutter

Tom Wieder

To contact any Executive Board Member, please contact the Temple Office.