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Summer Torah Study Group for July and August starts at 9am. Drop in any Shabbat morning in the temple library at 8:45am and join the Shabbat Torah Study Group which meets every week of the year.

On the last Saturday of each month the Torah Study Group holds a Religious Service from 9:45am to 10:30am.

What you can expect from this 100 minute experience is a wonderfully rich mixture of study, humor, congeniality and of course, food. Rabbi attends most sessions during the year.

He leads a lively discussion of Talmud or other classical texts. When he leaves to lead bar/mitzvah services the group continues their study of Jewish history, currently Prophets. We are connected to the parsha of the week by the host who may volunteer to do a brief summary. The 10:30 ending time is followed “religiously”.

All Temple members are welcome. Any temple member can join in the fun. No background is needed in this rewarding experience, only interest. For questions or more details contact Jerry Kaufman or Bob Epstein.


Milt & Joan Hosting the Parsha: Exodus-In Their Own Very Special Way


Temple Avodah’s Torah Study Group in action

When someone cant get to Temple at the Study Group …

When one of the regular members of the Torah Study Group couldn’t leave his house to get to Temple, Skype was used to add him into the conversation. He missed the bagels, but enjoyed the 2 hours of discussion.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation – A Special Moment

When one very special parent, with a very special son, wanted to learn more about the Torah portion her son would have to read in the following year, she went to the this web site. She discovered that the Torah Study Group spent each Saturday morning reading, dissecting and discussing that week’s Torah portion. She decided to come down on that day when her son’s portion would be discussed and see what could be learned. Her son joined her. Here is the result:

“My son says thank you for including him at the group and making him feel welcome. He says he had fun and learned a lot. He learned God likes the smell of meat and the different offerings made to God.”


Torah Study Group at Temple Avodah. *

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